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The House of Maria - Holistic Therapies for Health and Wellbeing

A natural approach is the basis of all Maria's work.

An intuitive, warm and gifted therapist, Maria uses her natural abilities to attune to her clients and guide them towards emotional maturity, as they seek clarity and understanding of their life's purpose.

Dragonflies and Butterflies

Butterflies and dragonflies represent transformation - Positive and life-enhancing change which is at the heart of Maria's therapy.

Workshops Available

Tarot Workshop

Self awareness through the Tarot with Maria
A Beginner's Workshop

Get to know yourself better through the divinatory meanings and myths of the Tarot.

To book call Maria on 07817808356
Spaces are limited

Tea and coffee will be provided
{Lunch not included}
If you have a deck of cards bring them along.

Tarot Parties

Going through life changes?
Looking for guidance?
Or just fascinated?

Gather your friends and spend the evening having your cards read!

30 minute reading

Min 3/Max 6 people

For more information or to book a Tarot party contact Maria on 07817808356/01604 762207

Crystal Workshop

Enhance your world with crystals!

A one day workshop introducing the energy of crystals and their benefits

  • A brief outline into the Chakras
  • The benefits of wearing crystals
  • Dowsing, clearing and balancing the self with crystals
  • Meditating & connecting to the higher vibrations that the crystals have to offer

A creative and fun day - no prior knowledge needed

Saturday 21st May
Om Studio, 39 Queens Park Parade, Northampton
£45 per person

Bring a light vegetarian lunch with you, tea and biscuits will be freely available.

For more information and to book a place, contact Maria on 07817808356/01604 762207

Creative Workshop

Living Life in a Magical Way

Join Maria for a one day workshop of self-discovery using magical tools such as positive affirmations, goal setting, meditation, crystal energy and dream journal.

Helping to bring out our creative side to attract more love, kindness and gratitude in our lives. Rediscover your inner wisdom and listen to the whispers of your soul and grow through joy.

For more information contact Maria on 07817808356/01604 762207

Therapies & Services


The Tarot is an ancient book of knowledge and wisdom portrayed in pictures and symbols. When you choose a card, it will reflect an inner image of yourself or an outer experience, as well as revealing the meaning of that particular situation.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing today continues this widespread tradition by exploring new ways in which the mineral kingdom can help us to restore balance to our frantic lives.

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The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for thousands of years. It was first practiced by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian people.

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Dragonflies & Butterflies

Butterfly Icon

The Butterfly

In Greek mythology, Psyche (the soul) is represented by a butterfly. The Butterfly reminds us of the need to make change when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable but, with guidance and understanding, such events do not need to be traumatic.

The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation through its process of metamorphosis. She accepts the changes in her life and embraces them.

She is also a symbol of faith. The Butterfly accepts and trusts the cycle of nature – transition, rebirth, freedom and celebration.

“Just like a butterfly, I will awaken in my own time.” - Deborah Chaskin

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” - Author unknown

Drangonfly Icon

The Dragonfly

Dragonflies also symbolise change, through mental and emotional maturity. The Dragonfly’s skimming flight across water symbolises going beyond what is on the surface, and looking into the deeper implications of a situation.

The full-grown Dragonfly’s life is very short, reminding us to live in the moment. Almost 80% of the Dragonfly’s brain power is dedicated to sight, symbolising the uninhibited vision of the mind.

The adventure of life is to learn
The goal of life is to grow
The nature of life is to change
The challenge of life is to overcome
The essence of life is to care
The secret of life is to dare
The beauty of life is to give
The joy of life is to love - William Nathan Beard


Booking Details

Tarot readings are £35 per hour and £20 for half an hour. All other therapies are £35.

Why not get a few friends together and have a Therapy Party? Party bookings, maximum of 6 people, £15 per person.


I had my first Tarot reading with Maria a couple of years ago and was amazed how relevant it was to events that were happening in my life at the time. Since then I have had regular consultations with her and always find her insight and interpretation to be relevant and accurate. Maria’s readings are thought provoking and help me to see personal challenges and situations more objectively, as part of a wider context and plan.

Chrissie J.

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